Case Evaluation

Case Evaluation is a pre-treatment service that DSD is launching for all clients who are also clients of Invisalign®, either as an Invisalign Go Provider or Invisalign Provider. It aims to provide treatment guidance to our clients, within 24-hours, using photos and x-rays that are uploaded to the DSD website. The client can send us as many cases as they wish each month.

The service will initially be free of charge.

The records that DSD needs to provide this service are as follows:

  • Frontal smile photo
  • Frontal repose photo
  • Lateral profile photo
  • Upper and lower intraoral occlusion photos
  • Anterior, right and left bite photos and;
  • Panoramic x-ray

Here’s an example of the records:

Case-Evaluation-Composite-Photos-2020-06-18-Irene-Lora (1)

After uploading these records, the DSD Planning Center will provide one of several recommendations to help the client start the DSD treatment journey. This recommendation will be made within 24 hours.

For example, DSD may recommend one of the following bundle packages to help guide the client on the DSD treatment journey:

  • “Go-Lite” for Invisalign Go and Invisalign Providers,
  • “DSD & Invisalign Collaboration Plus” which includes TPS and post orthodontic treatment Ideal design adaptation or
  • Orthodontic Treatment Planning Service (TPS) guided only by orthodontics using Invisalign ClinCheck®

Independently of DSD’s recommendation presented during the Case Evaluation phase, our clients take the final decision on the course of treatment and will instruct DSD on how to treatment plan the case.

To understand the process involved during the Case Evaluation, the following is an image illustrating the steps:

CASE EVALUATION_ slide 10 (1)