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Client Onboarding

The onboarding process involves an initial discussion between the clinician and members of the DSD Lab Customer Support team. This allows us to establish the ideal workflow and review with the client the general aspects of the support that the lab will provide. This onboarding process consists of:

  1. New clients need to schedule an appointment with our DSD Lab Customer Support Team. Existing clients are welcome to review the protocol as well.
  2. Review this document
  3. Review the workflow to ensure that we can deliver excellence.
  4. Review checklist of the 6 steps for a Digitally Guided Tooth Preparation:
    • Ideal Design Analysis
    • Pre-prep Reduction Guides
    • Prepping Through
    • Defining Finishing Line
    • Post-prep Quality Control Guides
    • Chairside Prep Evaluation with Intraoral Scanner
  5. Restorative materials
  6. Recommendation for cementation 
  7. Review the communication protocol
  8. Review the DSD restoration repetition policy