ClinCheck® TPS

What is TPS? 

Treatment Planning Service (TPS) is a third party service offering for Invisalign ClinCheck review. TPS providers must be authorized by Align Technology to offer consulting services to Invisalign dentists. An Invisalign dentist is able to indicate on their Invisalign order they would like a specific case’s ClinCheck to be sent to a specific TPS provider. The TPS provider is authorized to communicate directly with Align on the specific case however the treating dentist must accept the final ClinCheck before the case can be manufactured.


Is DSD a TPS provider? 

Yes, as of October 2019, DSD is an authorized Invisalign TPS provider. 


What is the process for a dentist that wants to use DSD for TPS? 

For dentists that are interested in using DSD as a TPS provider, they will need to contact DSD for initial onboarding. Dentists should email for more information.


Is there additional cost for the dentist to use DSD’s TPS?

Align does not charge any additional amount to dentists that want to work with a TPS provider.

However, TPS providers typically charge a fee for their services and a dentist interested in contracting with a TPS provider should communicate directly with the third party to understand any associated fees. 


How does a dentist find more information about working with Digital Smile Design (DSD) for TPS?

Dentists should email for additional information on DSD’s TPS offering.

To understand the process involved in the Treatment Planning Service, here is an image illustrating the steps:

Basic treatment _ slide 16