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Communication Protocol

To ensure an excellent result with the Natural Restorations, we all need to communicate in an effective and clear manner. This communication will occur through the DSD website and/or the DSD Concierge group, when available.  

The process begins by a client ordering a case with Natural Restorations and submitting the required information and files.

1. DSD Lab will confirm within 2 business days that the files have been received and inform of any issues identified with the scans. If the files need to be rejected, the reason will be identified and explained. 

2. If needed, the Lab will send you a margin validation video for you to approve the delimitation of the preps. 

3. After the prosthetic design is done, we will send a video of our CAD design (Design Validation) for your consideration. A confirmation or modification request must be made for us to manufacture the restorations.

4. After the restorations have been milled and finished, a new set of photos will be taken and sent for your consideration. Before we can ship the Natural Restorations, we need to have your final approval.

5. The DSD Lab team will always be available for a live web chat, or audio or video call, upon request.