DSD-Invisalign Collaboration

What is the DSD-Invisalign collaboration?

The DSD-Invisalign collaboration is a pilot program that lets dentists incorporate a smile design created by DSD with their Invisalign treatment plan. The Invisalign ClinCheck treatment plan uses DSD’s smile design as a guide for facilitating tooth movements. Generally cases that go through the collaboration are multi-phase, ortho-restorative treatment plans. The dentist needs to be pre-enrolled in the DSD-Invisalign collaboration before trying to submit a case. Dentists that are enrolled in the collaboration will have a new tab available on IDS where they may enroll specific patients in the collaboration. 


What is the workflow for the DSD Invisalign collaboration?

The dentist first collaborates with DSD to create a smile design. After the smile design is complete and both the doctor and patient accept the treatment plan, the dentist will take a new impression and submit the case to Invisalign. The dentist does not include the smile design in their Invisalign submission, however, they do need to be pre-enrolled in the collaboration and the doctor needs to indicate that the case is intended to be used as part of the DSD-Invisalign collaboration. DSD will submit the smile design they created directly to be combined by the Invisalign team. The dentist must be pre-enrolled in the collaboration to take advantage of this workflow.


DSD_InVIsalign_Workflow_Portrait_2_03 (3)


Who can participate in the DSD-Invisalign collaboration?

Dentists must be both 1) a DSD Member and 2) Invisalign Certified to be eligible to participate in the collaboration. The collaboration is currently in an LMR phase. Dentists that are interested in the collaboration should contact DSD directly for more information on enrollment.


What is the process for enrolling in the DSD-Invisalign collaboration?

DSD handles enrollment and onboarding of dentists into the collaboration. Dentists should follow these steps if they are interested in enrolling in the pilot:

  1. Email contact@digitalsmiledesign.com 
  2. In the body of the email, the dentist should include the following information:
      • Full name
      • ClinCheck ID
      • Country where they practice
      • Advise they would like to enroll in the DSD-Invisalign collaboration pilot


DSD will verify eligibility and if the LMR is currently accepting applicants or if they will be waitlisted. Dentists that are accepted into the collaboration program need to complete an Align NDA and an Align Terms & Conditions agreement. DSD is responsible for distributing and collecting these completed agreements. DSD is responsible for providing Align with these onboarding documents. After Align receives these completed documents, the dentist’s account will be updated so that the “DSD study” is accessible on the dentists IDS page. 


DSD_Invisalign workflow_Onboarding Process


Which Invisalign products are available for the DSD-Invisalign collaboration?

The only restricted Invisalign product for the collaboration is Invisalign Go. Express, Lite, and Comprehensive product lines are available products to be ordered through the collaboration.


Is there additional cost for the dentist to participate in the DSD-Invisalign collaboration?

There are no additional costs associated with Invisalign treatment for cases that are submitted through the collaboration. DSD typically charges for their services and therefore the dentist may expect to be billed for DSD planning services. For more information or to request a DSD fee schedule, dentists should contact DSD directly.


How does a dentist find more information about the DSD-Invisalign collaboration?

Dentists should email contact@digitalsmiledesign.com for additional information on the DSD-Invisalign collaboration program.