DSD & Invisalign Collaboration Plus including TPS

To existing DSD & Invisalign Collaboration cases, we now offer the bundle product to include the former, plus the Invisalign Treatment Planning Service (TPS). In addition to the familiar procedure of the Collaboration product, we add the ability to orthodontically plan using ClinCheck not only to determine the correct final position, but the ideal sequence and attachments, and/or auxiliary techniques to achieve desired final tooth position. You will always have the final decision and approval of the ClinCheck planning before you order the aligners.

Additionally, DSD will provide 3D guidance on the necessity of aligner case refinement. By this we mean that DSD will perform a 3D quality control comparison between the orthodontic final position achieved after the initial set of aligners and the DSD Ideal design. DSD will provide a comparison report for your consideration and provide recommendation if an aligner refinement is necessary. As always, the clinician will decide the appropriate next steps. In addition to the initial TPS, DSD will also perform the refinement TPS at no extra cost.

To understand the process involved during the DSD & Invisalign Collaboration Plus, here is an image illustrating the steps:

DSD & Invisalign Collaboration Plus  “Summary” View _ slide  15_ (1)