DSDApp & iTero Integration

What is DSDApp?

DSDApp is a multi-purpose conceptual tool that combines patient digitization, treatment planning, smile simulation and documentation into one and provides a systematic approach for diagnosis, communication, treatment planning and case maintenance. DSDApp can help digitalize the patient using key digital patient files to create the best possible treatment plan. It also helps with patient communication with its capabilities to showcase aesthetic outcome through the smile simulation application. 


What is smile simulation and what are the goals of smile simulation?

DSD protocol believes in facially-driven concept to create smile design that accounts for personality, facial features and patient’s goal. DSDApp’s Smile simulation tool helps with visualizing that plan and helping the patient see the final outcome to lead to increased case acceptance. 

Key goals of smile simulation is to:

      • Visualize the treatment: show patients what their smile can look like
      • Improve communication: Personalize the smile design presentation approach to help patients become more involved in their treatment planning
      • Implement facially-driven design using DSDApp’s unique treatment planning tools & smile donator concept


What information and documents are needed to use DSDApp capabilities for treatment planning & smile simulation?

DSDApp provides a complete digital workflow & experience of treatment planning and patient engagement. It combines five different types of digital files that includes CBCT, intraoral scan, photos and videos that can overlap to create a digital patient


What are the instructions for creating a smile simulation on the DSDApp?

With five simple steps, a doctor can design a smile for the patient and position the treatment outcome with the patient

      • Take picture: Take a frontal facial smiling photo using the camera on the iPhone or iPad and calibrate it on the DSDApp by marking the position of the left & right distal of the central incisor and the incisal edge
      • Determine the smile frame: Position the smile frame to the desired restoration position. Determine the desired ratio proportion of the teeth by analyzing the patient’s facial structure
      • Select shapes, colors and adjust: Choose natural shapes from the DSD smile donator library or shapes from the Jan Haito template library. Adjust shapes, color and gum layer as needed
      • Perfect the case: Use the stamp, blemish and whitening tool to perfect the image
      • Share your design: Share the design with the patient by using the slider feature or the before and after photo automatically generated by the App


What does integration between DSDApp and iTero mean for my doctors?

For doctors that use DSDApp, with the new integration, Itero scans can be directly transferred to the DSDApp automatically after the scan - similar to transferring a scan to a preset lab and it takes approximately the same time. Instructions for connecting the scanner to the App have been shared as instructions previously and the same details are available below. 


What are the steps to connecting iTero scanner to DSDApp?

    • Customers will need to call iTero customer service line and request connectivity between their App and iTero
    • iTero agent will need to open myaligntech to find dental practice/company page. Agent will find company ID page and locate “Relations” tab on bottom section of the company ID page
    • Agent will then select the “Relations” tab and click on +New button on the bottom left to add a new relation to this practice
    • Agent can search for DSDApp by company ID number 30401. Once found, agent will select and click OK and Save.
    • After the agent establishes the connection, customer will need to open the DSDApp and enter License ID (License ID will need to match the License ID entered into his iTero account- found on the iTero RX) and Save
    • When the customer scans for iRecord, he/she can choose DSDApp under the “Send to” tab as a lab


How do I position DSDApp and iTero connectivity?

Our focus with the connectivity is on the DSD engaged customers who are actively utilizing DSDApp in their practice and on the customers who are aware of DSD and might have participated in one of their courses

For customers that use DSDApp- ITero is the only scanner that is directly integrated with the DSDApp that ensures a truly seamless end-to-end digital integration that lets you scan, plan, treat & educate in one continuous workflow

For customers that are aware of DSD- ITero offers exclusive integration with DSDApp that is an integral tool in implementing DSD's digital workflow for treatment planning and patient engagement


What is the price for DSDApp?

Basic plan for DSDApp is free of charge. Anyone can download the App on their iPhone and iPad. App interface on mobile is only for review & approval purposes. Free/Basic version provides access to 4X sample smile simulation cases, 3X sample 3D design cases and have very limited capabilities. There is no training included on the basic/free version.

Paid plan is currently priced at an annual subscription of $799 that is billed annually. This service provides the ability to do unlimited smile design cases, unlimited case documentation and also provide full App functionality. In addition, paid service provides online training for the user. 


Will Lab need to download the DSDApp as well to be able to communicate and work with the doctor?

Yes, if the lab and doctor are planning to use the communication tool on specific patient projects, they will need to download and register on the App to be able to modify, save, send treatment proposal and to access chat functionality.


What is DSD planning center?

DSD planning center is a full-service lab that is owned and operated by DSD. The planning center has capabilities for full treatment planning and execution, including design and milling of final restorative components. DSDApp is a tool that is capable of smile simulation and design whereas DSD Planning Center functions like a typical lab that has capabilities of doing similar smile design work as the DSDApp (at added charge) and also delivers motivational & technical mockups based on the treatment plan and the final restoration.


Can a lab become a DSD planning center to take advantage of the end to end DSD workflow?

DSD controls any strategy or certification needed to become DSD certified lab. There are no current plans to add labs as planning center. If this were to change in the future, updated information will be shared as soon as possible.