In the ‘Inbox’ section of your DSD Account, you’ll be able to communicate with the planning center about your cases, share information with your clinic team and speak directly with the DSD customer support team.

You can find each case by inputting the reference number or patient name in the search field.

1. Cases

Once a case has been raised with the PC, you can easily share information about the case, attach images (including feedback functionality on the image) and speak with the DSD team on an individual case-by-case basis.

You can also add team members to chats.

2. My Chat

Collaborate with your clinic colleagues on your cases in one easy-to-find place. Here, you and your team members can simply add a thread and share any relevant information.

3. Support chat

If you have any questions or queries about anything related to DSD, you can use the support chat to speak to the DSD team. If someone is live on the chat, they'll reply immediately. Otherwise, they’ll get back to you as soon as they are online.

You can find the Inbox section here