Patient Management

In the ‘Patient Management’ section of your DSD Account, you can access and manage all of the orders you place with the Planning Center.

Unlike in the old DSD Planning Center website, you can purchase products and services before assigning them to a patient.


Once you've ordered a product, this is where you can set up your cases and assign the products you purchase, so that we can get to work with you on the design and treatment plan for each patient. 

Once you have added the correct patient information and assigned a product or service to the patient, you’ll be able to check the status of the order.

NOTE: You’re able to cancel or amend an order up until the point where the order passes to the preparation stage. Once the PC team has begun preparing the order, you’ll need to contact DSD Planning Center customer support directly if there are any changes to the order.

Patient details

You can add a patient to your account, to which you can later assign a product or service. Here’s how you add a new patient:

  1. Click ‘Add new patient’
  2. Fill in the patient detail form
  3. Associate the patient with the correct product/service


If there are any questions, or you want to share information about a case, this is where you can communicate with the DSD team about the case.


This is where you need to add patient digitalization records. You have the option to upload facial images, as well as .STL, .CBCT and any other additional files.

If you are an experienced Planning Center customer who is very familiar with the files we need to plan and design your cases, we recommend zipping all of your files together and uploading them into the platform in one upload.

DSD Reports

Here you’ll find all your completed orders, with reports, files and anything else that you have purchased related to your orders.

Available Products

See a full list of the products and services that you have purchased. Unlike in the previous DSD Planning Center website, you can purchase products without assigning them to a case.

You can find the Patient Management section here