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The DSD Mastership process


It is a personalized, on-demand 12 month mentorship in faciallydriven and guided digital workflows, Emotional Dentistry and quality control.

We will teach you everything you need to know about how to implement DSD and even do it yourself with your team and lab. Bring your lab or in-house technician on board to learn how we do things!

With the DSD Mastership you will learn the DSD clinical, technical and Emotional Dentistry workflows by using the DSD Hands On App®, DSD Planning Center® and DSD Lab®; achieving clinical excellence by performing interdisciplinary, faciallydriven, guided, digital dentistry.

You can put into practice all you learned at the Residency course with our supervision.



  • 12 months access to WatchDSD (our online education platform). Customized on-demand guided learning experience and extra content.

  • 12 months access to DSD Planning Center

  • 12 months direct support from our Mastership Mentors Team of doctors

  • 1 free unlimited license to the DSD Hands On App® 

  • Keynote/PowerPoint pre-formatted template to present the clinical cases for the Mastership
    (drag and drop)

  • Keynote/PowerPoint pre-formatted Emotional Presentation template to present to your patients in the second appointment (drag and drop) and training

  • Invitation to attend the DSD Masters Meeting (exclusive meeting by invitation only)

  • Eligible to apply for DSD Clinic® certification

  • Diploma delivery and personal pinning ceremony at the DSD Masters Meeting promoted on social media

  • Access to the DSD Masters community forum


  1. Be a DSD Member by attending a DSD Residency 1 or X course: in-person or online (R1
    or RX Livestream)

  2. Join the Mastership program

  3. Gain access to WatchDSD content and special videos and webinars for the Mastership

  4. Take advantage of the direct support from our doctor team of specialists, who will help
    you deliver your cases

  5. Perform cases with DSD Planning Center and DSD Lab

  6. Create a slide presentation of 3 patient cases, each fully documented and completed
    with the DSD methodology – any type of comprehensive treatment plan will be
    accepted (interdisciplinary or disciplinary)

  7. All 3 cases must have a 2D design (frame and simulation) created with the DSD Hands
    On App® done by the doctor. The design and facial analysis skills will be evaluated.

  8. All 3 cases need to be planned and designed with DSD Planning Center® and be fully
    digital, following the facially-driven digital dentistry and copy-paste dentistry concept
    *Optional: of the 3 cases, one of them can be digitally planned and manufactured by your local lab instead of the DSD Planning Center and Lab, following the DSD protocols and workflow (facially-driven software, natural algorithms, copy-paste dentistry, guides, quality control, etc).
    This way we can help you with the training of your lab.

  9. At least 2 cases must be fully manufactured by the DSD Lab®. The other case can be
    either manufactured by your lab following the copy-paste protocol or by the DSD Lab.

  10. You will be required to take a multiple choice test on the DSD concepts graded by the
    DSD Faculty, in which the pass rate will be >70%

  11. These cases will be reviewed by the DSD Faculty and feedback will be given if any
    requirements are not met

  12. You have 24 months from signing up to present the 3 cases for approval, and 12
    months of full support from our Mastership Mentors Team of doctors

  • Good-quality photos and video documentation
  • 2D design: frame and simulation. Only frontal smile
  • Good-quality documentation of the mock-up. Facial integration. Facial portraits.
  • Good-quality Emotional/Motivational portraits and video with mock-up for the patient slide presentation
  • Comprehensive treatment plan: a summary of the treatment plan should be written on the slides
  • Good-quality clinical step documentation of the case (e.g. tooth prep, impression, provisional, perio surgery, implant placement, cementation, ortho, occlusal adjustment). Facial and intraoral documentation
  • Final outcome documentation. Facial and intraoral documentation
  •  Clinical and technical quality control and copy-paste dentistry protocol
  • The clinical quality, the treatment plan, the decision making, the procedures and the final outcome will be evaluated. The quality of the content, documentation and presentation layout will be evaluated.



  1. PATIENT INTRO: Relevant information about the case incl. chief complaint

  2. PHOTO AND VIDEO: DSD protocol

  3. CLINICAL DOCUMENTATION: x-rays, CBCT images, perio chart, STL model images, etc.

  4. 2D DESIGN: frontal smiling picture: Frame and simulation

  5. DSD FRAME SEQUENCE FROM DSD PLANNING CENTER: midline, incisal curve, gingival curve, proportion…


  7. MOCK-UP IMAGES: digital design vs printed model/Shell

  8. EMOTIONAL PRESENTATION: images and videos (before/after mock-up)


  10. CLINICAL PROCEDURE MAIN STEPS DOCUMENTATION: ortho, surgeries, preps, temps, bonding, etc. Intra and extra oral documentation

  11. FINAL OUTCOME PICTURE AND VIDEOS. Intra and extra oral


* If we consider any of the 3 cases need correction or feedback, you will be required to send us an amended presentation.


* The DSD Faculty reserves the right to suspend this certification if at any point any of the above mentioned conditions are not met, or for any other reason not listed in this document.