How does the DSD & Invisalign Collaboration work?

The DSD & Invisalign Collaboration, is a Planning service where we integrate our Ideal Design with Orthodontics Movements so you can perform minimally invasive dentistry. The DSD Concept is to improve the patient experience in your Dental practise.

In this matter there is no better person than Christian Coachman himself to explain this to you, for that reason it is essential that you attend one of our DSD Residency courses.




When you order a DSD & Invisalign Collaboration on the DSD Planning Center website within your case, the product includes the following: A Single-arch DSD 3D Motivational Planning with a DSD 3D Ideal Planning Design, and also an Invisalign based Orthodontic Setup, ready to be transferred to an Invisalign treatment. (The price of the DSD & Invisalign Planning Service does not include the cost of the Invisalign Treatment).